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AftermarketYour vehicle’s battery is like its heart: with out it, your vehicle does not have the power to start out, transfer, or do anything. Nevertheless, every thing checked out they assured me the whole lot was fantastic and did a 4 wheel alignment on the car. One shop told me I would like an alignment (the steering wheel is at like 10:00) however earlier than the alignment can be accomplished, the decrease ball joint is dangerous and needs to be replaced.

Hey Okotoks, OK, first I would check to see if the wheels are tight, a 25 mph vibration is uncommon. I moved it within the snow yesterday and noticed a yellow spot in the snow the place the middle of the rear axle would be. Then in the present day I used to be driving on the freeway around 60-65 and the car began to shake together with the steering wheel.

That is why a manufacturing facility-put in sunroof has a constructed-in tray with four drains, one in every corner of the sunroof. Anything from a sunroof to a roof rack system, if not installed correctly with the best sealer, will cause a water leak in a car. Once we tested the sunroof drain last week, We poured water within the front holes, and noticed it pour proper out from below the car- I l assume it was the fender next to the door.

I am unsure if it’s connected however I’ve sometimes since then felt the steering seem to go weaker once I’m driving and if I kind of turn it quickly left and proper in a lane going round 55-60 on the freeway it felt as if the car was lagging behind the wheel a bit.

I’ve tried the hub rings, different lug nuts, new axles, inventory wheels, rebalanced and rotated my aftermarket wheels. Hello Maxine, blocking the drain holes within the sunroof tray would stop the water from draining, it would pool up till it overflowed, like in your scenario.

Ford dealer then swaps wheels with lot car says vibration gone however doesnt give us a chance to test. If the wheels are tight, you’ll have a bent rim, so test your rims for giant dents on the inside and outer bead. As a result of their ever increasing popularity and falling prices, lately there have been a plethora of backup cameras enter the market.