Which GoPro Accessories Do I Need?

AftermarketPutting in an aftermarket radio on a 2000-2003 Ford Focus is fairly straightforward or if your factory radio seems to be something like this, you can still follow this process to remove it from your vehicle. I imagine you’ve 2 separate problems, 1. the drains in the sunroof tray are blocked, simply use some compressed air to gently blow out the debris, 2. I believe the taillight gaskets are leaking in your trunk, it is a quite common trunk leak for the 02 accord.

Another common reason behind steering wheel vibration or car shake is having one thing lodged in a tire, like a big bolt, or any steel object you’ll have picked up from the street’s surface (I have seen even wrenches and screwdrivers impaling a tire).

I am not sure if it is related however I’ve occasionally since then felt the steering appear to go weaker after I’m driving and if I sort of turn it shortly left and right in a lane going round 55-60 on the freeway it felt as if the car was lagging behind the wheel a bit.

If the parts store has a list for Monroe, they should match with no problems, however if you can afford the Xreas, I feel sticking with them would be the best resolution, then there is not any questions about if they may fit, and also you already know you just like the ride they provide, so it is kinda a no brainer if you can afford them.

Like I point out in the article, your finest bet is to dampen the hatch area for a superb stable 5 minutes, then hop in with a flashlight and see for those who can see any water trailing from the tail mild space, glass, sunroof drains (if you have one) etc… It’s the one strategy to find a leak.

If that looks OK, test the trunk for signs of moisture, attainable beneath the again glass, water might path down into the rear seat area from the trunk, also the trunk is where the sunroof drains are routed, normally close to the rear fenders.