Tips on Choosing a Car Delivery Service

Some things we need to consider in advance regarding service, price, delivery time, type of transportation, and so forth. For people who have never hired car transportation services may be confused to make a choice, when in fact it is easy if we know how.

Here are some tips that we can use as a reference before we decide to choose cargo services:

1.    Accuracy of Delivery and Delivery Time

Timeliness is strongly influenced by the mode of transportation. The best transportation sequence based on punctuality is as follows:

Transport by air or airplane. There are freight forwarding companies that do specialize to provide services using air transport or airplanes. The timeliness of this type of service is quite reliable, except on holiday moments like New Year and Christmas. Because in such peak season situation, airlines usually overload, thus reducing the performance of delivery service. Expedition services that use air transport have the most expensive rates.

Transport via express train. A freight forwarding company specializing in express delivery is reliable and reliable, as the accuracy of the express train schedule is good and timely. This type of transportation is highly reliable for timeliness unless an accident or force major ensures delays.

Transport via truck often referred to as trucking. Cargo service companies that utilize trucking services for delivery of these goods have poor timekeeping performance because it is highly dependent on the manpower (driver), truck fleet, and the condition or the density of the highway.

Transport via cargo ship. Expedition companies that use the services of cargo ship transport or also called using the container have the speed and timeliness is the lowest. This type of transportation has the cheapest shipping rates, compared to the four types of transportation above.

2.    Warranty and Insurance

Before deciding to use cargo, services should ask for information about the warranty provided by the company with regard to the shipment. Contact the customer service section to request an explanation of the Warranty on time. Ask for clarification if the cargo service company can provide a warranty regarding the promised timeliness. This is important because the time warranty is closely related to shipping costs. Warranty of damaged or lost items (Insurance) This is very important, ask for a clear explanation of this warranty. Ask how the company will provide this warranty in case of damaged or lost items, lest customers get harmed because the customer is usually on the weak side.

3.    Service

There are other things that customers need to understand the service and technical delivery of goods, among them, are as follows:

Door to door, the type of cargo service that the company comes to where the customer to pick up (pick up) that will be sent to be forwarded to the destination city and delivered (delivery) to the destination address. This type of service is very pampering customers because it does not need to bother delivering goods to the company’s representative and only order by phone or internet.

Port to Door, the type of cargo service whose customers deliver their own goods to a warehouse or service provider’s office. Then by the goods company delivered to the destination city and delivered (delivery) to the address in question.

Port to Port, this type of service is most inexpensive, because customers deliver their goods to the warehouse or office, while in the destination city customers also take their own goods at the representative office. Thus, the function of these service providers is only as transportation only.

4.    Specialized

Specialization is also one of the factors that must be considered and into consideration of customers before determining the company’s expedition services. Some expedition service companies specialize in the use of certain types of transportation. For example, special transportation land transportation, special transportation via express train or special transportation via air. There are also some special cargo service companies as specialists on certain routes. There are also companies that specialize in shipping for certain items, such as specialization send cars, animal specialties, specialization of moving services, and others. Try to choose a cargo service that has a particular specialization that suits your needs.

5.    Price

Price is the determining factor associated with the four factors above. Customers should analyze carefully for the speed and timeliness; type of transportation and what kind of service is most suitable and in accordance with the needs and budget or budget available. If the budget is abundant, perhaps the service via air is the best. Whereas if you want to do efficiency, then cargo via land and train is the answer.