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AftermarketCar Audio, Installation suggestions, methods and learn how to’s, all the pieces to do with car electronics, together with: car audio/video, alarm programs, keyless entry, remote start techniques and built-in hands free gadgets. Effectively today, I acquired four new tires, acquired them balanced, and did alignment, but steering wheel remains to be shaking over fifty five mph. I had a alternative of a number of totally different wheel spacers, however I came upon that not all are created equal. We did flush out the old steering fluid few days in the past bec it was so dirty and thick additionally it smells fairly unhealthy.

The rust spots started by the rear wheels of the car and one spot on the gas tank. A shortcut to finding the drains is to fill the sunroof tray with water and watch where it goes when it drains. Nonetheless I have noticed that my entrance passenger side wheel has an odd wobble whereas I drive it at all speeds.

Have the wheels balanced (don’t align the car for a vibration) and let me know the way it feels after, thanks Spireguy. The binding on turns could possibly be a bent steering rack or steering element, you may must have that checked on a lift by a mechanic.

You can have a completely vibration free trip between 40-75 mph, then above seventy five mph, the harmonics go out of sync with the wheels and a vibration happens. Since then the vibration has got worse – vibrating extra violently, noticeable at lower speeds, vibrating the steering wheel.

The mechanic says that the bushings, CV joints, suspension parts and so forth are all completely positive and that the one different culprit may be the right side drive shaft needed replacement. These are widespread sources of water leaks, glass seals and physique seams that haven’t been sealed correctly after an accident, if every thing is OKAY, check the rear sunroof drains.

I’ve tried the hub rings, completely different lug nuts, new axles, inventory wheels, rebalanced and rotated my aftermarket wheels. Hi Maxine, blocking the drain holes within the sunroof tray would stop the water from draining, it will pool up till it overflowed, like in your scenario.