To keep your carrier refrigeration service, make sure the following things are on the run properly. Things that seem trivial but if consistent run can increase the life of goods.

  1. Try and keep the freezer box always clean.
  2. Set the temperature at the desired temperature conditions.
  3. Turn on the cooler until it reaches the desired temperature with freezer box condition still empty.
  4. Turn off the cooler when it will start hauling and unpacking.
  5. Do the loading and unloading process quickly and quickly.
  6. Restart the coolant as soon as it has finished loading and unloading process.
  7. Use tightly sealed packing for frozen product and use hollow packing for fresh product.
  8. Chill the goods first to be loaded at the desired temperature conditions.
  9. Always check the product or goods temperature during loading.
  10. Always use pallets whose four sides are perforated to ensure airflow can circulate well.
  11. Arrange and arrange goods in the vehicle (box freezer), do not be too tight to the wall and to the roof to keep the air circulation maintained properly.
  12. Turn off the cooler when the freezer door is open.
  13. Do this with discipline.

And most importantly Clean condenser unit from dust attached to a maximum brush once a month, if condenser unit assisted by condenser fan clean condenser fan and lubricated condenser fan motor up to 6 months. Clean and dirty condenser unit has big effect in refrigeration process of a cooling machine, if the condenser is dirty then the cooling process runs slowly and the electricity consumption is getting bigger and will cause damage to the compressor unit.

Clean the Evaporator Unit from the dirt attached using a brush. If the Evaporator Unit stuns the ice flakes by lethal the engine and lets it melt by itself, do not attempt to do it by hitting or prying it with a sharp object because it can damage the Evaporator unit. Clean and dirty Evaporator unit has a big effect on the cooling process of a cooling machine, if the evaporator is dirty then cooling process run slowly or even not cold at all.