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Saving to buy a car is a major endeavor, but success is completely potential with a little bit of planning and energy. It is easy to ‘freeze’ in a scenario like this, common sense and all – it might just seem so unreal, to see a child locked in a sizzling car – so I believe it will probably actually help to examine exactly what steps to take and kind of mentally ‘rehearse’ the situation, so it might be more of an instinctive response if this ever happened.

The Bolt can get you as far as 238 miles on a single charge The good news for 2017 is that this electric car is now extra inexpensive than ever.

This modern partnership between Felix Holst and Mouse McCoy, a stunt driver and a filmmaker, is working in direction of creating the world’s first generatively-designed 3D-printed car.

The mother left the kid in the car and by accident lock the door with the keys nonetheless within the car.