Home Loan Rates Australia

Is buying a new home a top priority on your list? If so, the thought of obtaining a home loan would have crossed your mind many times. It is exciting to purchase a new home, but along with it comes a combination of stress and tension including the paperwork, financing procedures, home loan rates and deciding on the type of home loan you prefer to pursue.

You will qualify for a home loan depending on credit history, the balance between your debt and income ratio and the advance payment you are wiling to make on the new home. The loan … Read More

Chase Home Loan Modification

Homeowners who need assistance to keep their home are in luck. President Obamas “Making Home Affordable” plan will allow homeowners a chance to get into a more affordable mortgage through home loan modification. Chase is one of the few lenders who are approved by the Government to offer this plan. Here is what you need to get a Chase home loan modification:

Not all mortgage lenders and banks are allowed to offer the Presidents mortgage bailout plan. Chase, one of the nations leading and most reputable lenders, is approved to take part in this program. This $ 75 billion plan … Read More

Fed Loans, Homer Refinancing Programs

There are a few more considerations to be added and taken into account that are not like the common conventional loan refinance before you might decide federal refinancing is the appropriate type for your fed loan. A refinancing process by way of the home affordable refinance program gives you as the homeowner a cut on the interest rate, repayment term and gives you the option to replace an interest only or adjustable rate mortgage with a fixed rate loan. As there are some lenders that are experiencing overwhelming volume while processing refinance applications, you should heed these tips to make … Read More