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DealerSubscribe to the #1 read magazine for franchised automotive dealers and managers. The best way each salesperson gets paid will depend on the dealership, however so far as I am aware, I do not know any other person (who’s common sales and never management) that makes ANY money off the dealer charge.

An Web search on the subject of MetroPCS dealerships suggests some dealers are disgruntled by over-saturation of their space. Sadly, I lately found that there’s a loophole to this sole law to guard the car buyer from dealer charges. If the one car that’s advertised is already bought, the dealer can sell you one similar to it and add back the dealer price.

I hope this explanation was useful, whether you are attempting to construct a career in gross sales or simply need to know how the dealer manipulates the numbers. Going into a dealership before you’ve talked with anyone is setting yourself up for an enormous let down.

Utilizing our custom-designed Dealer Software and Services, we work with you to transform your challenges into wins and conquer your market. It’s not unreasonable to ‘supply a quantity’ 25% lower than MSRP, and anticipate the dealer to come back down, however anticipating him to promote at that quantity might be powerful.

I went yesterday to Holler Traditional Dealer in Altamonte Springs, I was prepared to buy a car and the sales individual Randy was nice, he present me a power point presentation (make feel like I used to be buying a Time Share)explaining why they could not go lower in the price and advised me they were giving me the bottom worth in the car, i did my homework and it was over $300 more but I used to be getting a warranty and service was good.